August 1, 2015

Hype Cube: The first ever ZIO studio game release

Today, the newly founded Aarhus-based game production studio, ZIO studio released the fast paced puzzle game Hype Cube for download from the Apple App Store.

How to Hype Cube

The objective of the mind-bending game is simple: all nine cubes must show the same color. However, whenever the player taps a cube to change its color, the adjacent cubes change color as well. Progression in this game is not only a matter of solving puzzles fast, but also solving puzzles with the fewest clicks possible. Efficiency and speed combined win more time to reach higher levels thereby unlocking new colors. Hype Cube is a puzzle game that not only challenges the player's affinity for form, geometry and symmetry but also their strategic skill and ability to predict patterns. Hype Cube is a simple yet challenging game.

As of today, Hype Cube is available for iPhone and iPad download from the Apple App Store, and will be available for Android and Windows Phone users mid August.

About ZIO studio

ZIO studio is a newly founded game production studio located in Aarhus, Denmark. The studio is officially on the map with its first game release Hype Cube and is already looking at several other game releases in the near future. For more information please visit

ZIO studio
Flemming Bjørn Jessen
Creative Director
Phone: 00 45 27 85 09 85

Download Hype Cube for iOS
Download Press Release (PDF, 49kB)
Download Press Release (ZIP, 1.4MB)